Indigenous Peoples Day & Native American Heritage Month

Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated in many states throughout the U.S. and was recognized in Louisiana in 2019, after the governor received a letter from student activist, Baley Champagne. In alignment with the points made by Baley, “It’s about taking the necessary steps to be visible and speak for ourselves.”  On that day, we intend to center the experiences of those who are part of Indigenous communities. 

National Native American Heritage Month, also referred to as National American Indian Heritage Month, is celebrated in November of each year. During this time we work to honor the history of those who were here long before 1492 and thrive today. Indigenous communities inform our sustainable practices and show us how to decolonize our lives and we seek to center their contributions to the world daily starting with the National Day of Mourning in October

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Fall Harvest Festival

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of International Students & Scholars invite everyone to our Annual Fall Harvest Festival. The event is held each year to support all students who may not leave for the Thanksgiving Break. It is also an opportunity to responsibly share aspects of American culture in the United States with members of our international student, faculty, and staff community. During the event, the Community Engagement Advocates facilitate an open dialogue workshop that explores the historical context and current perspectives of First Nations and indigenous people in North and South America in honor of National Native American Heritage Month.

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