Documenting the History of LGBTQ+ Life at Tulane University

The timelines in this document are a work-in-progress and therefore incomplete.

Significant moments currently listed are those that became evident through oral histories and archival research conducted by undergraduate Lauren Kwiatkowski, under the direction of Dr. Red Tremmel. 

After 2012, when OGSD was created, records became more detailed; much work was done prior to this period that has not yet been researched and recorded. Dr. Red Tremmel created historical documentation below during his time as Director of OGSD from 2012-2018.

The Office for Gender & Sexual Diversity is committed to continually docuemnting and housing LGBTQ+ history and experiences at Tulane from 2019 to present day and beyond! OGSD welcomes additons to this work, edits, updates, etc. Please email if you would like to add to this ongoing project!

The History of LGBTQ+ Life at Tulane University (PDF)