Since 1988 The Office of Multicultural Affairs has been committed to diversity at Tulane University. Founded by Carolyn Barber-Pierre, the office was initially referred to as Minority Affairs. Her leadership and strategic vision led the movement toward inclusive excellence on campus. Today she serves as the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Multicultural Life and Director for what is affectionately referred to by students as THE O. With a small staff of committed student affairs professionals, The Office has grown to include the Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity and Religious Life at Tulane.

During the 2018-2019 academic year we commemorated the founding of the Office of Multicultural Affairs with a variety of programs and special events highlighting the value and need to embrace intercultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion in our campus community. Below are highlights and opportunities to continue celebrating and supporting OMA.

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OMA 30 Events
OMA 30 Memory Wall

More than 250 current students, faculty, staff, and alumni joined us to celebrate our 30th anniversary! Friends and family of the office of Multicultural Affairs took us on a journey from 1988 to 2018. Some shared their experiences over the years with Carolyn Barber-Pierre and her staff. So many Tulanians who were part of organizations advised by OMA or served as mentors and ambassadors were present to honor the legacy, and in many ways the origin point of inclusive excellence on campus. We thank everyone who came out for the celebration and homecoming, reunion activities during the fall semester. With continued support from our alumni, students, faculty, staff, family and friends, we look forward to 30 years more! Find out how you can support our efforts here