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Kaleidoscope Residential Learning Community


About the RLC

The Kaleidoscope RLC creates an incubator to explore intellectual thought, identities and values through intentional conversations, experiences and programs. These will serve as a foundation for students from diverse backgrounds to develop consensus and identify solutions to complex social problems. Kaleidoscope offers a TIDES course, cultural trips, and varied workshops.

Inspired by D. Scott Tharp's theoretical framework, the Kaleidoscope experience is intended to apply a multidimensional model for developing cultural competence (Tharp, 2015). Our goal is to help students become critical thinkers who understand their attitudes, develop knowledge, and acquire skills through a comprehensive analysis of personal experiences, cultural perspectives, social interaction, and institutional systems in our society.

Required Reading

Each semester Kaleidoscope Residents will read a book that explores social issues of the day. 

Kaleidoscope Retreats & Trips

Intercultural Leadership Retreat is hosted by the Center for Intercultural Life each year and helps community members get a better understanding of community, coaliton building, and leadership.

Please Note: This is a mandatory experience for all Kaleidoscope RLC participants, as it introduces
you to key concepts and tools that will be used throughout the RLC experience.

QT Trip's Opportunities

Past Trips

  • D.C. Pride 
  • New Orleans Weekend Trip