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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

ALAAMEA: LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Affinity Group

ALAAMEA was originally formed in 2015 to "provide strategic advocacy to Asian, Latino, African American, Multi-Ethnic, and LGBTIQ faculty and staff," while also serving as a space for allies to these communities at Tulane. Although the ALAAMEA umbrella has expanded to include multiple other faculty and staff affinity groups, we retain the ALAAMEA name to honor and recognize the early ALAAMEA faculty and staff founders, leaders, and members who championed equity and justice work across our university.

To learn more about ALAAMEA and see a list of all the affinity groups under ALAAMEA please visit- ALAAMEA Affinity Groups

The ALAAMEA LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Affinity group meets on a monthly basis virtual and hosts, co-sponsors, and promotes what is happening in the LGBTQ+ community on and off campus. 

To sign up for the LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Affinity Group listserv, please send an email to LGBTQFACSTAFF-L@listserv.tulane.edu

LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Affinity Group Facilitators:

Aloysius Cunningham
Senior Program Manager,
Retention & Student Success 

LGBTQ+ Research Collective

The aim of the LGBTQ+ Research Collective is to establish an interdisciplinary research community that shares a commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people and provides opportunities for collaboration, advocacy and community engagement. 

Tulane LGBTQ+ Research Collective is coordinated by Dr. Manny Ocasio (he/him) and Dr. Anneliese Singh  (she/they) and meets on a monthly basis. 

To sign up for the LGBTQ+ Research Collective listserv, please send an email to LGBTQRESEARCHCOLLECTIVE-L@listserv.tulane.edu

To read more about the collective: https://news.tulane.edu/news/tulane-group-focuses-lgbtq-research-and-advocacy