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Affinity Networks: Find Your Qmmunity!


Fall 2020 the Office for Gender & Sexual Diversity Launches Affinity Networks (via online platforms)

If you or someone you know is questioning, seeking community, or looking for resources, check out the OGSD Affinity Networks. Affinity networks are opportunities for Tulane students to come together around a shared identity and/or interest they hold. Affinity networks provide an affirming and brave space for individuals to discuss their needs, challenges, and successes. These groups are free and open to Tulane undergraduate and graduate students. Groups meet on campus and are peer and/or  faculty and/or staff-facilitated.

For more information regarding the specific affinity groups that are offered or if you would like to help start an affinity group, contact Office for Gender & Sexual Diversity Senior Program Coordinator Renee Bradley (she/they) via email at rbradley2@tulane.edu

If you are searching for confidential support provided by The Counseling Center staff, please visit the Tulane Counseling Center to learn more about their services.

QT New & First year Student Network 

Facilitator: Mira Fitzpatrick, mfitzpatrick1@tulane.edu 

Meeting time: every other Wednesday @ 6pm

Description: This is a space for new and first-year students at Tulane to discuss their queer/trans identities, meet fellow QT students, and share resources and information about QT life on campus.

Meeting ID: 916 1629 7792

Queer Mxn Network

Facilitator: Michael Rodrigues, mrodrigues@tulane.edu 

Meeting time: every other Tuesday at 5pm

Description: This affinity group is a space for queer mxn to explore their identities, discuss their experiences, and build community.

Meeting ID: 865 7032 1476

Password: 12345

Asexual & Aromantic Network 

Facilitator: Leo Yazaki-Levine, mlevine5@tulane.edu 

Meeting time: every other Tuesday at 4pm

Description: This affinity group provides a space for people who identify on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum to explore their identities, build community, and discuss their experiences both within and outside the queer community

Questioning & Coming Out Network

Facilitator: Hannah Petillo, jpetillo@tulane.edu  

Meeting time: every other Thursday at 7:30pm  

Description: This group is a brave space for people to share experiences of questioning and exploring their identity, and the continual process of coming out.

Bisexual & Pansexual Network

More information TBA!